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     This Site was created for all who love and grow begonias.  Follow the  links below to see the various information offered here.  This is not a commercial site and there is no advertising on this site other than links to sources for begonias on the links page.  All the information offered is to promote interest in begonias and to provide begonia enthusiasts with information.

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The different types of Begonias

Cane Begonia Page
begonia 'Coral Sabers'
Shrub Begonia Page

Tuberous Begonia Page

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Rex Begonia Page
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Rhizomatous Begonia Page
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More types and info will be included as it becomes available and new pages are added.
   Any content contributions are welcome unless deemed unsuitable or not appropriate for this site.  Subject to webmaster approval for inclusion.

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Brad's Begonia World is in the process of a site revamp, I apologise for any broken links or pages not working correctly.  If you have visited this site before you can see that our home page has already changed.  I hope you like the new look.  You can still visit all the pages previously offered here by clicking any of the links along the top or sides of this page.  Besides adding new content I am revising all the pages of this site including adding many more pictures.  It will take a little time so please be patient. Two pages just added are the Rhizomatous Page and a page on Pruning.  Also new lady katsucontent will be added to the Tuberous Page with many new pictures contributed by our friend Mike Flaherty.  For the sources and links Pages, if anyone has any they would like added, send e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page.  I also hope to add a questions page where I will post frequently asked questions and answers to growers questions.  I also hope to add materials for groups, ABS branches, and local newsletter editors.  Anyone that has ideas for materials they would find useful or ideas for pages they would like to see, please feel free to share them with me.  Also for the first time I'm making my site available foriris bird other writers and growers to contribute to these pages, either with pictures, tips, articles and other materials.  I will retain the final say on what is added but am grateful for any help and anything submitted will be used as long as it is accurate and suitable for Brad's Begonia World.  Anything submitted will be free for all to use but credit will be given to the authors and photographers for the material I ulomita ladse.  This section of the home page will be replaced with general begonia information once the site has been revamped.  I hope you enjoy the new content and new look, comments are welcome.  Good growing.............Brad Thompson

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Growing Begonias indoors

Coming in for the winter

Culture Page

Growing Begonias indoors

Arranging your Begonias

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Growing for Showing

Pruning your Begonias

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Culture tips for Brad's hybrids

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Irene Nuss hybrids

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