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Here are some links to begonia and gardening information and Sources for Begonias online, please report any new links or links that need updating.

Begonia and Gardening Information Links

Australian Begonia Company (Victoria -- Australia)

Australian Begonias

National Begonia Society (UK)

Victorian Begonia Society (Australia)

East of Scotland Begonia Society (UK)

Association of Australian Begonia Societies (Australia)

ABS Palm Beach

 Begonia Research / Library maintained by ML Branch

Fort Worth Botanical Garden - Begonia Species Bank

Species list with some good pictures (in german except for begonia names) 

American Begonia Society


Canadian Begonia Society

Astro Branch ABS

Save Our Species

BC Fuchsia and Begonia Society (British Columbia)

Laurie Gray Bounsall's BegoniaWeb

Begonia Links Website

Here are some Links to sources for Begonias

Taylor Greenhouses

Kartuz Greenhouses

Logee's Greenhouses


Burpee Seed Company

Jackson and Perkins

Whiteflower Farm

Park Seed

Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses

Blackmore & Langdon 

Ades and Gish

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